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We offer a number of flexible options to choose from including online only memberships, and points packages for use in either online or in-person.

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Prices below are for online classes only. You can see the classes we offer on the schedule page. Click on "view details" on the schedule to see the details of each class. We also offer online private sessions.


New Client Package

Our online intro package is three 30 minute private sessions. We use this package to introduce you to Pilates and how our live streams work.


Single Class

This is our current price for a single live stream class. You can use this for any of the classes we offer throughout the week.


4 Classes

4 Class package for live stream. 3 month expiration


12 Classes

12 Class package for live stream. 3 month expiration.


24 Classes

24 class package. 3 month expiration

Plans & Pricing: Price List


Clients who purchase these in person package have the option of using some of their "points" from these package for online classes as well. We explain howit works during the consultation.


New Client Intro Package

We start every new client with our 3 session intro package. These are 45-50 minute private sessions at our studio in Austin. Once you complete this package you can choose from one of the other package listed.


Single Session

A single in person private session.


4 Session Package

4 in person private sessions. 3 month expiration.


8 Session Package

8 in person private sessions. 3 month expiration.

Plans & Pricing: Price List
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