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Sessions and Pricing

We offer in person private, semi-private, and group sessions. Prices and packages are listed below, all of our packages are good for 3 months from date of purchase. Go to the contact page to set up a free consultation. You can click here to browse our current class schedule.  

Intro Package

For those new to our studio we offer an intro package of 3 private sessions for $210. This allows us to get to know you, teach you how to use the equipment and make sure you are comfortable before moving into classes . 

Semi-Private Reformer Class

Semi-private Reformer Class is open for up to 4 individuals. We use Reformer/Tower Combo machines so you'll get a wide range of work tailored to the people in the class. You can also request a time to build a class with your friends and family. 

Semi-Private Packages

1 $50 | 4 $180 | 8 $320

20220902_115939_edited.png frank reformer

Private Sessions

Privates are 1-on-1 sessions carefully designed and centered on the individual needs of our clients. We use these sessions for those who may need some specific intervention with a problem area, or who want to take a deep dive into their body and get into the detail of the Pilates work. 


Private Packages

1 $90 | 4 $340 | 8 $640

Barrel Class

Barrel is a unique class offered at Studio 1. This class is open up for up to 8 people. You'll find an interesting mix of work that will challenge your core and help you develop better posture.  

Barrel Packages

1 $25 | 4 $92 | 8 $160

17952562783011678.jpg mat class

Mat Class

Mat Class is the classic bread and butter of Pilates. You'll get a challenging mix of our well developed "pre-Pilates" and classical mat work. These classes are open for up to 15 people and work great for developing all around postural strength, mobility and flexibility. 

Mat Packages

1 $18 | 10 $150

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