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Our studio is located in the west campus area of downtown Austin in a small wellness center. You'll find our place welcoming and private. At the moment we have 3 main pieces of equipment in there including a reformer, wunda chair and barrel. We love working with people one on one! It allows to really dig into what's going on with you and your body, and truly communicate our work effectively. We work well all types of bodies from athletes to office workers. You'll find we have a unique ability to work through injuries, chronic pain and special cases. As stated, we are problem solvers, and we love working through whatever issues your body may have.


We have a wide range of classes for all ability levels available through Zoom. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with audio/video capabilities. Don't worry, we can help set you up with Zoom too. Just let us know ahead of time and we will show how to do it. Our mat and stretch classes are great for runners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes of all kinds. We have props class (small weights, bands, and foam roller) that will help you build and maintain your functional strength for everyday movement and quality of life. We also have barre and barrel classes to work on posture and give you more options to build that core strength and refine your movement skills. We have a number of classes geared towards our silver sneakers crowd who need a more gentle but yet effective way exercise and stay healthy. Clients also have the option to do private sessions online. This is great money saver and allows us to reach a wider range of people. If you have specific things you need help with, injuries, chronic issues, or special cases that require more attention these private sessions may be a great option for you.



We also offer coaching and accountability services. Frank coaches runners and triathletes through Team RunRun. Here is the link to his coaching page where you can find more information on that. Crystal is now offering coaching and accountability for your everyday fitness needs. She will plan out which days and classes you can take with her. She will also help plan your cardio and other fitness activities and put all together for you on the easy to use app Final Surge. 

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