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Our holistic approach to training takes into account the daily stresses and patterns of your life, your background, athletic and injury history, and what your current goals are. From there we put together a program that builds you up, holds you accountable and makes you stronger. We are strong believers in strength and quality of movement, finding balance and developing your stability, posture and mobility.


Crystal is a master instructor of Pilates whose been teaching since 1999. She holds multiple certifications, a BFA in Dance from UT Austin, and possesses one of the most intuitive understandings of movement and the body you will find anywhere in the world. Her compassion and kind caring nature combined with her talent and decades of experience has given her the ability to heal, inspire and transform the lives of so many people. She also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been successful business owner for the last 20+ years. Crystal works great with older people, people who have chronic pain, post surgery and special cases.

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Frank is long time coach and endurance athlete whose been teaching Pilates since 2012, with an educational background in science and engineering. He has a solid background in strength and conditioning, and has held multiple certifications including USA Triathlon, USA Track & Field, and ACE CPT. As a Pilates teacher, Frank has been able to combine his wide range of experiences and education into an excellent and continually growing understanding of the body. He spent just under 2 years working in a clinical setting with chiropractic patients of varying needs and injuries, which has given him the ability to help a much wider range of people. Frank is an ultramarathoner and an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation.

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